Cast: Mammootty, Sneha, Innocent, Devan, Jagathi, Harishree Ashokan, Salim Kumar, Kalashala Babu
Language: Malayalam
Director: Johnny Antony
Music: Alex Paul

in Thuruppugulan director Johny Antony has adopted a new technique to market the film by projecting it as a comedy of Mammootty. It is a commercial comedy with a good combination of humour, action, dance and song strictly to the fans of mega star Mammootty. Humourous dialogues written by Udai Krishna and Sibi K.Thomas and the mannerisms of Mammootty are the main attractions of the film. The director has narrated the story without losing its punch.

The story is focused on Kochuthoma (Innocent) and his son Kunjumon (Mammootty). Kochuthoma is running a typical street side “thattukada” in Kochi. At the age of ten, Kunjumon accidentally injures a person. After the incident when his son faced trouble to stay at Kochi, Kochuthoma sent him to Kozhikode to stay with his dear friend Swami (Jagathy).

A five star hotel, Raj Palace, originally owned by a multi-millionaire Chandrashekara Menon (Devan), is now run by Sreedharan Unnithan (Kalashala Babu) and his sons. Chandrashekara Menon had authorised Sreedhran Unnithan to manage the hotel, when he had to go to Singapore for business purpose. But Unnithan and his wicked sons trapped Menon by sending him into jail on false charges in Singapore.

His daughter Lakshmi (Sneha) comes to India to sell the hotel in order to acquire money for releasing her father from jail. Soon she came to know that Unnithan had transferred the five star hotel in his name. Lakshmi approaches Kochuthoma, who was her father’s close friend and seeks his help to fight against them. Kochuthoma and his son Gulan Kunjumon supports her against their common rival, Sridharan Unnithan. The incidents, which follow, form the base of the story.

Mammootty’s portrayal of the character Kunjumon is marvelous. Through this movie he once again proves his ability in handling humorous roles easily. He has also tried to perform two dance numbers comparatively with much ease and flexibility as opposed to his other films. His dress style has improved and is much modern. He seems to be more confident in choosing glamorous roles and this is obvious in almost all the films released recently. Sneha, who made her debut through `Ingane Oru Nilapakshi’ in Malayalam as Lakshmi in the film has succeeded in winning the applause of the audience. Innocent, as the father of the hero and Devan, as Chandrashekhara Menon have done justice to their roles.

The story as such has nothing much to offer. The script drags in between especially in the second half. Overall Thuruppu Gulan packed with humour, action, dance and songs can be termed as an entertainer. Mammootty’s superb performance, matching supporting casts, and a good crew, can be the reasons for the success of this movie.

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