Toons inspired Akshay

It is said that in the forthcoming ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi – Season 4’ the opening scene will involve Akshay lounging on a hammock that is suspended from a chopper!

A birdie says, this scene was suggested by Akshay himself and he was inspired to do this opening scene by his favourite cartoon series, Tom and Jerry. In an episode, Jerry swings on a hammock to irritate Tom.

The fourth season will go on air by the first week of June. Close associates to the star also expressed that Akshay loves to watch Tom and Jerry with his son but nobody would have expected him to draw inspiration from that! Especially since the scene is said to be scary…

But Akshay is one of the best khiladis we have ever seen, isn’t it? The scene will sure make waves among his fans!

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