Trisha on tenterhooks!

Trisha’s Bollywood debut Khatta Meetha is all set to grace theatres worldwide on July 23, 2010. Trisha initially began her career in the South with Priyadarshan’s Lesa Lesa. “Yes I was launched by Priyadarshan seven and half years ago. I am glad that he remembered me when he was doing this film. My debut venture is with Akshay Kumar, what more could I ask for. Moreover, it is Akshay’s home production,” Trisha said to a leading English daily.

“I’ve done comedy in Telugu films but not attempted it in Tamil cinema. In Khatta Meetha too, my character does not have a comic track, it’s more serious. All the comedy is handled by Akshay Kumar. I can’t reveal much about the film at this point but it’s the story of a collector and a road contractor,” she revealed.

Trisha says she is looking forward to the release of the movie. “I am nervous as well as excited but am banking on it. In the meantime, I am making most of my time shopping without being conscious of the fact that I am a star in Mumbai,” she added.

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