Trisha saves a puppy

Here’s some update on Trisha, the sunshine girl of Tamil cinema.

An ardent animal lover herself, she is also the goodwill ambassador of PETA.

Recently while shooting for a film, she found a home for a stray puppy that was just 42 days old from the streets of Bangalore.

It was one of her close friend who spotted this cute puppy on the dog which would have been run over by some vehicle and Trisha with the help of a common friend, got the little thing transported to Chennai where she found a home for it.

Says a beaming Trisha: “I know it’s impossible to help all the stray animals in the country but I do whatever I can, within my limits. I am seriously planning to organize a home for such abandoned animals with the help of few of my friends, who are animal lovers”.

Adds Trisha with a big smile: “We have named it Amun Ra, (an Egyptian princess) and she is now hail and healthy in my friend Sundar’s house”.
(In pic: Amun Ra gets friendly with Zoya, Trisha’s pet dog at her home)

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