Trisha’s Marriage Fixed With Relative ??

Our 30 plus siren is under spotlight again with rumours erupting about her marriage. As her career graph is also low these days, these talks are gaining momentum.

Once again the talk of Trisha’s marriage is echoing in Film Nagar from today morning. Earlier it is heard that she will marry a popular businessman and some stated she is in serious love with a Telugu hero. Latest we hear is that Trisha is going to marry a distant relative in her family. Her mother Uma Krishna is heard fixing this marriage after lot of scrutiny of profiles. Right now Trisha is also not signing any new flick except the two Tamil flicks and Telugu flick Rum in hand. Maybe her marriage seems to be the reason for not accepting any movies.

Also, Trisha is right now under a secret vacation and this time without her 3 am girl friends. They say she went for an ‘understanding’ tour with her future husband. Let us see how Trisha responds.

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