Ulakam Chuttum Vaaliban

Director Raj Babu’s Ulakam Chuttum Vaaliban is a confusion drama full of accidental happenings and as we all know by now, that is perhaps one of the most common topics for comedy in Malayalam. Of course, there are some genuinely hilarious moments mainly in the film’s first half but things go slightly haywire from then on.

Jayasankar (Jayaram) or Jayan as he is known, is a villager, who is so affectionate about his younger sister Kalyani (Mithra Kurian). He soon lands in trouble after he loses a huge sum of money and he goes to the city to find his uncle Sethuraman (Suraj Venjarammood), who is believed by his relatives to be a millionaire.

But Jayan is shocked to learn that Sethuraman is a local gang leader, working for a corrupt MLA named Dathan (Suresh Krishna). Left with no choice, Jayan joins the gang and becomes a smart thief. In between, he becomes friends with a TV anchor called Varsha (Vandana) and her brother Circle Inspector Sajan Joseph (Biju Menon). Quite unexpectedly, Jayan’s life takes an abrupt turn and that makes the story more interesting.

Krishna Poojappura’s script based on Gopu Babu’s story could have been a better package, if it was shorter by at least twenty minutes. As it happens in most comedies in Malayalam, some action sequences are added in the second half, just to make things look serious. Anandakkuttan’s camera and Mohan Sithara’s music are okay.

Though there is nothing new to offer, Jayaram uses his comic bone to make things look engaging. Suraj Venjarammoodu and Biju Menon too help to make things look more interesting. The rest of the cast have done their roles pretty fine.

If you are patient enough to find the gags in between, Ulakam Chuttum Vaaliban may be enjoyable, in parts. There is a smart storyline which would have been a better comedy, if it was written and made with more passion and intelligence. Even in the current form, it’s not entirely bad.

Director:   Saji Surendran
Producer:   Milan Jaleel
Music Director:   Mohan Sithara
Cast:  Jayaram, Vandana, Mithra Kurian


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