Doctor Love Review.

Dr Love, written and directed by debutante K Biju which stars Kunchacko Boban, Bhavana, Ananya, Bhagath Manuel, Hemanth Menon, Rejath Menen, Manikkuttan, Nimisha,Vidya Unni etc.

The movie has Kunchakko Boban as Vinayachandran, a struggling young writer, who is trying different ways to make a living. He has a friend in Gowry(Ananya), who is a staff in the local telephone booth. Mainly threading his plots for novels around love, Vinayachandran accidentally happens to meet Sathya Sheelan(Innocent), the P E Teacher of a college, who comes for advice to somehow fulfil his love for a fellow teacher in the college. And for that Sathyasheelan finds ways to post Vinayan as a supplier in the college canteen. Once inside the college, Vinayan instantly strikes a chord with the students helping some to reward with their first love. Instantly rechristened as ‘Dr. Love- the Romance Consultant’, he starts to deals with people who are affected with love and becomes the last word for youngsters in the college struck by Cupid’s arrow and those who have a problem with their love affairs. The after-effects of his so-called ‘guidance’ and the consultant’s own love story is what that takes the story forward.

The performances are topnotch. Kunchakko Boban seems to be riding in the best of the times in his career and here he gets ample scope to display his potential as an actor and he takes full advantage of the opportunity. Bhavana just manages to play to he demands of her Ebin, a tomboyish character who is the de facto leader of a group of friends in the college. Bhagath and Hemant are lovable while Manikuttan springs a pleasant surprise with his witty one-liners. Ananya in another good role is completely natural with a fine performance. All others in the cast including Salimkumar, Vidhya Unni, Rejith menon and Kalabhavan Shajon come up with right performances to suit the demands of the roles they are on.

Dr. Love, for most of its running time is unrealistic to the core, and even of you keep its central protagonist out of the picture, what remains is not quite workable either – like for instance, the last half an hour of the film, when it turns out to be even more and more impractical.

Overall, ‘Doctor Love’ is not a biggie campus entertainer like Classmates, Niram etc, but watchable if you are free !!
Verdict: Nothing New ! But Dr Love is LOVABLE…

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