Banner: Gemini Productions
Cast: Arya, Napoleon, Keerat, Athisaya
Direction: Saran
Music: Bharadwaj

“Vattaram” is a grubby story about an orphaned youth and his fight for supremacy in the world of intrigues, cover-ups and murders.

The film glides away smoothly and at rapid pace that you feel riding a roller-costar. At the end, the film delivers for what it is made for – thorough entertainment for two and a half hours.

Here goes the story…

Burma (Arya) is a son of a driver (Nassar), who is employed as a chauffeur for an underworld kingpin Gurupadam (Napolean). Burma, a dangerously intelligent character grows up seeing the weight and power that Gurupadam wields. Highly influenced by the dog-eat-dog ethics of Gurupadam Burma makes up his mind to emulate him in all walks of life.

Meanwhile, Ira (Kadhal Dandapani), a right-hand man to Gurupadam frames his father with false charges. Unable to bear the degradation, Burma’s father commits suicide. Burma, now orphaned takes a resolution to exact revenge upon the man responsible for his father’s death. As he grows up, he becomes a gun peddler and develops links with the underworld. Soon, he becomes the most sought after supplier of guns for goons.

As a first measure to take up his resolution, Burma wins the confidence of Gurupadam and become his trusted lieutenant. Meanwhile, Gurupadam’s only daughter Sangeetha (Kirat Bhattal) attracted by Burma’s macho, falls in love with him. Ira and Veeravel, Gurupadam’s elder son represents a simmering cauldron of evil. Unable to reconcile with the growing influence of Burma and the fear that he may ultimately inherit Gurupadam’s empire, they plot to create a rift between Burma and Gurupadam and ultimately to kill Burma.img340/9333/vattaram2410061ua6.jpg

The rest of the film is about how Burma with the help of A.K.Swamy (Avinash), Gurupadam’s bitter enemy foils the plans of the duo.

Arya is good when you do not compare his performance in his debut film “Arindum Ariyamalum.” He appears masculine and rustic. However, the fire we saw in him in his first film is missing here.

The surprise element is Nepolean. All the roles he acted so far were of a rustic aruval-wielding, bad tempered man. He is at ease with the change in characterization. Here, as a calm and suave underworld kingpin has done full justice to his character. Kirat has done her part well though not much to perform.

The Bharathwaaj’s background score is good; but the songs are average. Cameraman Venkatesh aptly captures the mood and spirit of the life lead underworld.

All credits to director Saran for this slick production. The story is well knit, dialogues are impressive, and the characters are well thought out. The film is racy and will live you thinking.

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