Vijay recommends death sentence

Vijay has come out with a strong reaction to the news of the gruesome murders of a 10-year-old girl student and her younger brother in Coimbatore.
In a statement, the actor, who was shooting for his next film ‘Velayutham’, near Coimbatore, said, “I was literally shocked when I came to know of the brutal incident in which the two kids had been killed.”

“The pain that their parents would have experienced is unimaginable. Such horrible incidents should no longer be spared. An immediate end should be put to such unacceptable acts,” he said.

Stating that criminals involving in such inhumane acts manage to escape using the loopholes in the system, the actor said a law should be enacted to put such persons to death in a public place.

“Criminals should fear punishment. Only then we will be able to get rid of this menace. So the government should consider such a sentence. I am saying this not as an actor or a father, but echoing the sentiments of crores of people,” he added.

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