Cast: Ravi teja, Anushka
Direction: Rajamouli
Production: M.L.Kumar Chowdary
Music: M.M.Keeravani


Watching Vikramarkudu is like eating a plate of Mirchi Bhajji from the roadside pushcart. It’s hot and tangy (courtesy: Anushka) as well as has mass appeal like the roadside bhajji. The signature beat ”Jhintaka Jhintaka” in Vikramarkudu is as catchy as the dialogues and their delivery are stirring. True, many scenes in the movie defy logic, but who cares. The masses need entertainment and there is plenty of it as Raviteja even goes to the extent of fighting with aunties, pulling their hair and hurling abuses at them.

If Raviteja is hilarious as Athili Sattibabu (a thief), his honesty and boldness personified in his other role Vikram Singh Rathod, a police officer. If the blow of a police whistles causes fear in Athili Sattibabu, the only fear Vikram Singh Rathod has is the fear of failure in carrying out his duties as a responsible police officer.

Here is the plot…

Athili Sattibabu is a consummate thief and conman. He along with his uncle Brahmanandam makes a good living out of cheating people. Two people (one adult and one child) change the happy-go-lucky life of Athili Sattibabu who has no qualms about fighting with aunties of his area. The first one is a grown up and gorgeous babe (Anushka) whom he starts romancing. The second one is a girl of 5-6 years who thinks him to be her father.

The girl is the daughter of Sattibabu’s look alike, assistant superintendent of police, Vikram Singh Rathod. Vikram Singh Rathod is posted in Deogarh and wants to correct the vaastu of the town by punishing two big time rogues of the area (enacted by Ajay and Vineeth Kumar), for their list of misdemeanors. He succeeds partially but dies in the process. Enters Sattibabu, a la Don (old Hindi movie) style, to become the father of the orphan daughter of Vikram Singh Rathod and avenge the death of an intrepid police officer.

S S Rajamouli typically leaves his touch by making the villains as repulsive as possible. Music of Keeravani can be best described as pedestrian. The high points of the movie are the flawless acting of Raviteja and the lusciousness of Anushka. Raviteja has got all the ingredients that an actor should have and Anushka has all the assets to that a woman ought to have. Vikramarkudu does a favor to both the stars: one establishes herself and the other reestablishes himself.img378/4633/sadu1cj8.jpg

The movie too could have been a blockbuster like the past four Rajamouli movies, had the ending been a little more dramatic. Vikramarkudu begins with a lot of comedy, slowly adds meat to the storyline and builds up interest. But when the crescendo builds up and an explosive climax is expected the viewer is treated to an unconvincing finale. Watch the movie and you will definitely agree that the ending of Vineeth Kumar is done lamely. A guy who could terrorize people and sleep with whoever he wanted from Deogarh area should have been a bit formidable instead of bowing down to the hero.

Ajay, who has been acting till now as a sidekick or a hero’s friend till now gets a meatier role as a Daaku in Chambal valley. The illogical costume, stained teeth and a dubbed over voice gives him a filthy and repugnant image that heightens his role as a villain. Vineeth Kumar is simply loathsome by virtue of his acting. Brahmanandam is as usual at his best and Raviteja matches him word for word in comedy. The tint given to photography brings out the best of Chambal valley. On the whole, good work by Rajamouli, the cast and the crew.

If you are 18 and above (there is a lot of violence) you will definitely enjoy the movie.

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