When Imran Khan was seduced

Imran’s latest outing after marriage is making him do all the things that he had never done before. The actor who is busy right now in Short term Shaadi opposite Kareena Kapoor is doing never before scenes in the film. Apparently in the film in a particular sequence Imran gets seduced by starlet Soniya Mehra.

The story goes like this; Imran plays the role of an architect in the film and is very perfect when it comes to doing things. On a date with Soniya Mehra the I Hate Luv Stories star is pushed into the bathroom against the wall. Add to it the seductress, Soniya Mehra in this case tries to undress, lick and kiss Imran at the same time.

Owing to it she also wears a mini skirt in order to get the attention that she wants from her date. The more she tries to get Imran the more he freaks out finally turning on the shower on to her leaving her stunned. The scene which starts out raising the bars initially turns out to be a comic caper finally, a source close to the film said.

Initially Imran was choosy to do the scene but after explanation from the makers he later accepted to do it. Sources suggested that the director of the film Shakun Batra kept Imran’s real life character in mind before designing the particular scene.

Well Imran, you got to do some stuff like this even though you are a shy guy. If any doubts don’t forget your Mamu Jaan’s films.

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