Why actresses go glam-way? Listen to Shriya

Actress Shriya Saran has stated that it’s the question of survival against all odds that ‘pushes’ all the actresses to try and acquire a glamour image for themselves in the face of stiff competition from their peers. “I’m no exception to this rule,” she adds casually.

Shriya, who debuted in Tamil films in the dud ‘Enakku 20 Unakku 18’ more than seven years ago, hit big time after pairing up with superstar Rajnikanth in the Shankar-directed ‘Sivaji: The Boss’, which ran very successfully. She then starred opposite all the big stars including ‘Jeyam’ Ravi, Vishal, Vijay and Aarya.

Shriya says that actress do have their own limitations. “We actresses star in films which are produced with a huge budget. It’s quite obvious that the producers and directors would expect us to get glamourous. Not always we can refuse their request-cum-demand. It’s an industry where actresses can’t survive if they go by their own policies; to survive, one has to make some ‘adjustments’ vis-a-vis exposing in films.

“Actresses who do the ‘boring’ (crying) roles might get rave reviews from the print media and others but they may not get the films require for their survival in the industry. In order to go with the tide, I was also ‘forced’ to go glamourous,” concludes Shriya.

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