Will ‘Brindaavanam’ be a landmark in NTR’s career?

NTR Jr. comes to screens with ‘Brindaavanam’ this October. And at the music launch of the movie, the director Vamshi Paidpally and producer Dil Raju were gung-ho about the movie! They even went on to state that the movie will be a blockbuster! IndiaGlitz digs in…

NTR Jr. as he is known but fondly called as Tarak has given some of the biggest blockbusters but off late, his movies haven’t been churning out success as expected. Although ‘Kantri’ and ‘Adhurs’ were not super hits, NTR’s last hit was Krishna Vamsi’s ‘Rakhi’ in 2006.

Take a look at this, NTR’s biggest blockbuster is ‘Simhadri’ directed by Rajamouli. It had two heroines, Bhumika and Ankitha. But after ‘Simhadri’, NTR’s ‘2 heroine movies’ were not really hits, not even average grossers! ‘Narasimhudu’, ‘Naa Alludu’, ‘Allari Ramudu’ were nightmares for NTR and his fans to forget.

Coming to the sunny side of this discussion, Dil Raju, the clever producer who has a high success rate is producing the movie. At ‘Brindaavanam’s Music launch, Dil Raju said the movie would definitely be a landmark in NTR’s career. This is not the usual NTR movie but it will have all elements to satisfy his fans! Dil Raju stated that he completely trusted the story brought forward by director Vamshi Paidpally.

Only time will answer our queries, if fans and audiences like ‘Brindaavanam’! As Dil Raju said, NTR and he wanted to make a movie only if it was worth a blockbuster! Anyways, it will be a treat to NTR’s fans as he looks better than ever!

What do you think? Is ‘Brindaavanam’ going to be another ‘Simhadri’ in terms of records?

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