Will Tamanna prove lucky for Cherry

In an industry where ‘sentiments’ are manufactured at the drop of a hat, the talk is about Tamanna Bhatia now. It is because the actress, for all her image of a fantastic performer, has had more flops than hits in her career (at least in Telugu).

Except Happy Days and 100% Love, the rest of them flopped. This year Badrinath and Oosaravelli have proved disastrous to both Allu Arjun and NTR, respectively. It would be funny and even outrageous to even suggest that the films flopped because of Tamanna. That said, it is a reality that tongues go wagging when a heroine produces three flops for every hit.

All eyes are fixated on Ram Charan’s Raccha. Also on Prabha’s Rebel. And, also on Ram’s Endukante.. Premanta. The reason is obvious. All of these films cast Tamanna. These films are very important for their heroes. But, surprisingly enough, they have become the litmus test for Tamanna. Though the poor actress has nothing to do with the making of the film, except playing her part, the luck factor is attached to her.

One hopes that Tamanna will steer clear of senseless notions and wins an award for herself with her immense talent.

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