With SRK’s tele-film, designer’s son has Bollywood dreams

His mother and sister are established fashion designers, but Rahil Tandon, son of Reynu Taandon, is out to prove himself as an actor. He has made his debut with a tele-feature film produced by superstar Shah Rukh Khan, no less.

“I do have Bollywood dreams. Who doesn’t? But I have no hang-ups about the medium. For me, acting is not just about making a name, it is my passion,” Rahil, 23, said.

The young actor, who took training from the Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute in Mumbai, has been the lead of a theatre production, “Bollywood Love Story”, directed by Sanjoy K. Roy for the past two years.

The chance to feature in the tele-film, “Like I Love You”, emerged after he applied for it online. The film was part of a new concept by MTV.

The channel has collaborated with two production houses – Milestone Movies Pvt Ltd and Shah Rukh’s Red Chillies Idiot Box – to produce three romantic movies as part of their new series “Luv Reels”.

Rahil features in the first of the three movies. Shot in London, the one-hour long “Like I Love You” – and for the actor – it is “a step forward to a career in Bollywood films”.

However, he maintains he will never quit theatre for movies.

“I’m very passionate about acting. I’m particular about reaching the set on time or sometimes even before, because I like to understand the set-up and workings of a shoot.

“I take every project as a new learning experience. So at the end of the day, I look forward to a good project through which I can show my talent. Big or small screen has never been a criterion,” he said.

“Besides, I want to carry on my work in theatre alongside whatever I do. Theatre is what has enhanced my skill in acting. I will not quit my show ‘Bollywood Love Story’ – it has been my launch and I have always had a great time working on it,” he said.

Was being a fashion designer like his mother, or sister Nikhita, never an option?

“Designing was not even the last resort for me ever. I never had it in me. But I keep giving suggestions to my mother once in a while. Since I was six, I have wanted to be an actor and I am glad I have realised my wish,” Rahil said.

Now he wants to give himself a year or two to carve an identity for himself, rather than being referred to as “Reynu Taandon’s son”.

“I have no problems being called my mother’s son. But I would want that in a year or two, my name comes first. Her name will always be with me. But it’s important that I create my own identity too,” said Rahil.

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