Wont kiss; wont ride horses: SRK

NEW DELHI: In 22 years of his showbiz career, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has perhaps hardly ever locked lips with his heroines and says he never will. He admits he is not just uncomfortable about kissing on screen, but doesn’t even know how to do it.

“I don’t kiss on screen because I don’t know how to do it. I don’t do it because I feel weird…and I feel those who do it in films, do it well already,” Shah Rukh told reporters here Friday.

“I feel discomfort in doing two things for films. When anyone comes to narrate a story to me, I tell them two things – main ghoda nahin chalaunga aur main choomunga nahin (I won’t ride a horse and I won’t kiss),” added the 45-year-old.

Shah Rukh’s well-known witty side came through when a young journalist asked him if reports that he has kissed Kareena Kapoor for his upcoming sci-fi superhero film ‘Ra.One’, are true.

Looking dashing in a formal black suit, he seemed to be quite amused at being asked such a question at a press conference meant for the formal announcement of Tag Heuer’s tie-up with Buddh International Circuit, the host of Formula One in India.

“Where did you read these reports,” he asked.

“They are all over the internet, probably reported from Mumbai,” she said nonchalantly.

“How old are you my dear?” asked Shah Rukh, and the lady responded: “I am 25. But you shouldn’t ask a girl her age.”

Came SRK’s quick rejoinder: “Well, dear, you don’t ask such questions to men! You’ve asked me this, I am a simple guy, married man with kids…but don’t ask such a question to men on the street! But because you are young, and possibly just stepped into journalism, please don’t believe whatever you read on the internet. It may not always be true.”

Shah Rukh says if a film requires him to do things which make him uncomfortable, he quits it.

“I don’t kiss simply because I am not comfortable doing it. I am pretty uncomfortable even at laughing in my films…so whenever there is a scene where I have to laugh, or where there is a scene where I am uncomfortable or I feel I will not be able to do justice to it, and whenever there are animals involved and I feel they might be mistreated, I quit the film in its narration itself.”

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