Yakshiyum Njanum Movie review

Movie:Yakshiyum Njanum
Music:Sajan Madhav
Cast:Gautham, Meghna

Horror stories have always come to the rescue of director Vinayan, while he faced some tough times in the past (Remember Akashaganga and Vellinakshathram?).

That is fine, but what if he decides to do a film repeating those same old tricks in a new format! Still, if you are willing to leave your brains back home and set your mind just to have some fun at the theatre, well, Yakshiyum Njanum could turn out to be a watchable fare.

In a story where love, crime, black-magic, comedy and sentiments have been added in the required measures, a beautiful girl in skimpy dresses named Athira (Meghna) is madly in love with a fugitive on the run. The man in question, Shyam (Gautham), is hiding at an old bungalow after a controversial murder.

Fair enough, did you say? Hold on, the girl is a yakshi (ghost) and she is there to take revenge on some wicked men who had killed her.

Remember, no one expects you to take things too seriously here. Even with a storyline which evidently look silly and unconvincing, Vinayan takes the story ahead with an engaging pace that may not prompt you to think much in between. The nice visuals by Navas Ismail and some good tunes by legendary music director Raveendran’s son Sajan Madhav have definitely helped things in a great way.

The film has only a few experienced actors like Thilakan, Captain Raju, Sphadikam George and Mala Aravindan in its cast, doing the supporting roles. Still, the newcomers manage things pretty well and the comedians seen usually in some of the TV sitcoms provides some funny moments, of course with their slapstick humour. Though it has been announced as a horror movie, there are not any scenes which can make you feel even remotely terrified!

Gautham, who agrees to kill the lover of the minister’s daughter for the money, looks handsome. Meghna has to look glamorous throughout the film and in some revealing costumes she does just that especially with those songs in the rain and the line of garments which are two points less than her actual size. The rest of the cast have done their roles quite well.

Yakshiyum Njanum has obviously been made to cater to its target audience, those who don’t care about logic and are looking for nothing less than plain entertainment. If your idea of a movie goes along those lines, watch it pronto!

Vedict: Masala entertainer

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