Priyamani latest Interview

Are you angry with Kodambakkam? You are not to be seen in many films.
I should get good role boss then only I can stand in your heart. I am not getting good films. Apart from this I don’t have any anger against Kodambakkam.

Was Raavanan a plus or minus for you?

In one channel they have stated that I was a big plus for that film. That is enough for me. I got lots of appreciations. Wherever I go they speak about my role in Raavanan. As far as I am concerned it is big plus to me.

But even that film also there was a rape scene?

Why are you asking such a question? The foundation of this film itself is that the character is raped. Because of this rape only Vikram kidnaps Prithvi’s wife. I will not refuse to act in a rape scene if the story demands it.

What are the films you are doing in Hindi?

I keep on listening to stories. As far as Hindi is concerned I have to face a stiff competition. It is a different kind of field. The high budgeted mega films are made very easily there. So I had to select a role that would make people speak about.

The role I am doing in Raktha Charithra is such a one. Trisha and Asin have acted in two films respectively. There is no justice in telling that Tamil actresses would be boycotted. Actors should not be trapped in sensitive issues. Artists are common to all languages,

Is it true that you have been removed from Salman Khan film?

I also heard about this news spreading. Sri Lanka problem is a different issue. I am an ordinary actress. My work is acting. I will act if any one calls me. There is no doubt in it. Why are you bringing Sri Lanka problem into this?

There are lots of rumours about you?

Let it be. There cannot be any actress without rumours. I am not worried about these things.

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