Yuddham Sei movie review

Movie :Yudham Sei
Director : Mysskin
Producer : Kalpathi S.Aghoram
Cast : Cheran, Jayaprakash, Deepa Shah, Y Gee Mahendran

Mysskin is a seasoned stylist who made that edge-of-the-seat thriller Anjaathey in the past. However, smooth plot mechanics has never been his forte, as proved by his latest Yuddham Sei. The film is based on a strikingly similar theme of a CBCID cop trying to unravel mysterious killings in town, using his brains more than brawn.

Plot- A series of crimes grips Chennai city, missing girls, gruesome attacks on people as their chopped hands are found in cardboard cartons in busy areas. The local police refer the case to Crime branch and the investigation is entrusted to J Krishnamoorty (Cheran) a boorish cop and his team consisting of Tamizh (Deepa Shah) and Prakash.

JK is himself a victim of the crime as his sister is missing for the last few weeks. He sniffs around for possible clues and undercover many dirty secrets of the rich and powerful in the city.

How JK and his team goes after the suspects and nails down the real culprits including some bad apples in the department itself is told in 2 hours and 30 minutes. There is a sense of d’j’ vu as you watch the suspense unfolds.

The best scene in the film is how Cheran armed with just a miniature file in a nail cutter takes on half a dozen goons armed with long knives. This action scene on top of a bridge has been superbly choreographed by Mysskin without making Cheran a super hero and makes the fight look believable.

On the downside, the film is too long with a tedious second half. The intentions of the real culprits in the climax are a major let down, and are not justifiable. Among the cast, Cheran as the forlorn sleepy looking cop who speaks very little is striking.

Y Gee Mahendran as the vigilante doctor is miscast, while Lakshmi as his wife is riveting in the climax. Jayaprakash as Dr Judas is stunning. Deepa Shah has hardly anything much to do other than running around as Cheran’s deputy.

There is no romance in the film which has a four minute item song by Ameer and Mysskin’s favourite lady in yellow sari, this time portrayed by Neetu Chandra. The cinematography of Sathya, especially the night effects are good, though nothing much can be said of K’s background score.

The film has traces of David Fincher’s Seven about two detectives a rookie and a veteran; hunt a serial killer who leaves behind the tortured remains of victims.

On the whole, the film has a few gripping moments but suffers on account of inconsistent writing which makes it drag in the second half.

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