Zealous, but not pregnant

Rubbishing rumours of her pregnancy, actor Shilpa Shetty Kundra says, “I really do not know why people ask me about this. I am not pregnant. They ask me, am I planning to have a baby? It sounds like a film production, like ‘when am I going to make a movie? It is God’s will, when He wants, it will happen,” she emphatically states.

On her disappearance from the Bollywood filmi scene, she clarifies, “Earlier, I used to be passionate about movies. Now, I am just passionate about my husband.” Her upcoming film The Desire, in which she plays an Odissi dancer has been produced by mother, Sunanda Shetty and scripted and directed by R. Sarath. Not the typical masala movie, despite three songs, Shilpa feels the cross-cultural storyline of The Desire is the film’s USP. “I am playing the character of Goutami, a famous Odissi dancer,” shares Shilpa. Her character in the film does not believe in love and is completely career-focused.

Of proud hubby Raj, Shilpa says, “He says I look beautiful in the Odissi look and likes my dance very much.” Talking of his presence in her life, Shilpa explains her current switch in priorities “I am a very simple girl; I just want to live a normal life.” Though, revealing another facet to her glamourous personality, she shares plans of launching her own production house with her husband. “I think I am more successful as a businesswoman than I was as an actress,” she says.

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