He grabbed the attention of young and old, with his typical hard-to-believe action and style… With his recent release ‘Robot’ or ‘Endhiran’, Rajinikanth defied all the normal laws and emerged as a global phenomenon icon….

Buzz is that the movie will soon find a place in IIM-Ahmedabad, in the form of analytical study material.

‘Robot’ will be a part of an elective course called ‘Contemporary film industry: A business perspective’, where the students of the postgraduate programme at IIM-A will take up the movie as a case study to analyse the business of cinema and its success story.

Besides this, the course will include ‘Muthu’, another Rajini starrer film – a Tamil blockbuster that was later translated into Japanese as ‘Muthu Odoru Maharaja’ or ‘Muthu: The Dancing Maharaja’. The course will also cover influential movies like Aamir Khan’s Peepli [Live] which revolve around social issues.

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