Shiva turns lyricist

Actor turned RJ Shiva is now turning lyricist. He has written a song in his forthcoming movie ‘Quarter Cutting’ directed by Pushkar-Gayathri.
The ever hilarious Shiva says that the song he has written is for a crucial situation in the movie. Shiva is grateful to music composer G V Prakash and the directors for giving an opportunity to write a song. ‘Quarter Cutting’ totally has five songs and Shiva feels great to be a lyricist!

Talking more about movie, Shiva says that the movie conveys a message for humanity. Adding that the message is not just for people in India, the delirious Shiva funnily says, it is applicable even to people in Israel, Greece, etc.

Quiz him about the progress of the movie, Shiva in an exclusive telephonic chat to IndiaGlitz said that the dubbing for the movie is complete. Shiva on a serious note said he was happy to work with producers Cloud Nine consecutively, with ‘Thamizh Padam’ being the first. He also said that working with Pushkar-Gayathri was an amazing experience.

Shiva signs of saying that he is currently thinking of working in 3 projects and will announce details of them soon! Good Work Shiva…let the jokes keep coming!

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