Yogi B raps in Endhiran

Malaysian Rapper Yogi B is the man in demand! He’s found his way to A R Rahman’s team.
All of you who’ve listened to ‘Endhiran’ music will know Yogi B’s rap in ‘Boom Boom Robo Da’ was simply amazing. The lyrics of his rap in that song were penned by Yogi B himself! But how did he land up with an opportunity to sing for A R Rahman?

Apparently, when Rahman was composing for Amir Khan’s ‘Ghajini’ directed by A R Murugadoss, Rahman made Yogi B come to Mumbai to record a rap in English for a chase scene in the movie. Impressed with the rap, Rahman made Yogi B rap in ‘Endhiran’.

Not just that, as ‘Endhiran’ is being dubbed in Telugu and Hindi, Yogi B has rapped in those languages as well. Though initially Yogi B was hesitant to rap in languages other than Tamil, A R Rahman motivated him and here we go, Yogi B rapped in Telugu and Hindi!

Yogi B’s rap, will be heard next in Dhanush’s ‘Aadukalam’ that has music composed by G V Prakash, who used Yogi B’s rap in ‘Polladhavan’ before!

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