Aadavari Matalaku Ardhale Verule


STARING: Venkatesh,Trisha

MUSIC: Yuan Shankar Raja

DIRECTOR: Sri Raghava

PRODUCER: NV Prasad, Sanam Naga Ashok Kumar




amavGanesh (Venkatesh), an unemployed bachelor for the past 10 years, suddenly lands up in a software company inspired by Keerthi (Trisha). He slowly falls in love with her and proposes her. But she is already engaged to her bava and her marriage is due in a month. A sudden tragedy takes place in Ganesh life, which puts him into an intriguing situation. The rest of the story is all about how he solves it and emerges victorious.

Artists Performance

AMAVVenkatesh: AMAV is an example for what an actor like Venkatesh can contribute to a script. This is probably the best performance Venkatesh has given so far. His comedy timing is ultimate. Doing such kind of comedy is extremely difficult. And Venkatesh does it with aplomb and makes sure that we all accept it and enjoy it immensely. He lowered his image a lot to make sure that it helps elevating the character. He is perfect in emotional scenes.img172/5538/trisha1ue9.jpg

amavOthers: Trisha has got a pivotal role in this film where she is needed to act a lot and she is completely at home playing the heroine role. She is beautiful and enacted her role very well. Colors Swathi steals the show in the second half as the girl who has gone fida over Venkatesh. Kota is excellent as the father of hero and his performance in this film is one his best in recent times. Veteran director and actor K Viswanath did an important role very well. Sriram does a vital role and he is good. Sunil’s comedy at telephone is nice. Jeeva is entertaining in his tiny role. Meghana Naidu and Mumaith Khan sizzled in a couple of songs.

Technical Departments:

AMAVStory: The basic story of the film has uncanny resemblance to the film DDLJ. The characterizations and relationships are also similar for Venkatesh (Sharukh Khan), Kota (Aupam Kher), Trisha (Kajol), K Viswanath (Amrish Puri) and Colors Swati (Mandira Bedi). The set-up for the second half seem to be similar to that of Kalisundam Raa. The ambiance in K Viswanath’s house is bit like that of Murari film. The sacrificing attitude of hero has similarities towards Santosham film. Though the story seems to have the traces of other films, the director made sure that there are some honest and original moments.

amavScreenplay – direction: Director Selva Raghavan made sure that he brings his trademark ‘realistic touch’ to the story. He is an expert at bringing great emotions with death scenes. He inserted good comedy in the film though certain part of it is weird. He handled emotions in a convincing way. Though he handled the film well, he could not end the film in a convincing manner. The relationship between father – son is enchanting. Narration is little slow and screenplay is adequate. Nonetheless, Selva Raghavan succeeds in touching the right chord by directing a big hero for the first time. He concentrated on entertainment in the first half and mixed strong emotions in the second half to make sure that audience will have certain positive heaviness in their hearts when they leave the theater.

AMAVOther departments: Dialogues of the film are extremely good. The strong dialogues written for emotional scenes helped the film. Music by Yuan Shankar Raja might not sound good when you listen to the audio, but it goes well with the flow of the film. Allantha Dooraniki is the best song in the film and it haunts you. Yemayyindi ee vela is another beautiful song shot very well on the screen. The background music is also interesting. Cinematography is very good. Editing is crisp. There is only one fight and it should have been done better. Producers have spent lavishly to make sure that the entire film is visually rich.img245/4905/amavrev27043cbb8.jpg

amavAnalysis: First half is very entertaining (and watch out for the crazy antics Venkatesh has done). Second half is filled with strong emotion and good comedy. Venkatesh’s ultimate comedy, Trisha, Selva Raghavan’s genuine moments and dialogues are the main positive aspects of this film. On the flip side, I feel that the clarity is missing in conceiving climax of the film. It is intriguing to see K Viswanath behaving weirdly at the end of the film. There are some dull moments in the first half. Venkatesh has chosen the right subject for this film and it will have good prospects at box office as it has both entertainment and emotions in a right mix. Go and watch it.

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