Aamir receives postal love from villages

B-town’s Mr. Perfectionist knows how to grab attention and love alike. Earlier, while shooting ‘Lagaan’ Aamri Khan had received good recognition and immense affection from the people living in rural parts, where the movie was shot. And now in same way the actor has become the apple-of-the-eye of many villagers, thanks to his forthcoming production ‘Peepli [Live]’.
Aamir was surprised when he started receiving many postcards from nearly 500 villages, especially those villages which called Peepli. All these letters were thanking him for making the movie.

The actor was even more taken aback when he came to know that there were so many villages with the name Peepli. Said Aamir, “I was very touched with the postcards. I was surprised to see so many letters having one address.”

According sources’ survey there are over 1,000 Peeplis all over India. ‘Peepli [Live]’ is in face shot in Peepli Bhadwai village of Madhya Pradesh.

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