‘Inidhu Inidhu’ is very original

Remaking a film from another language is always a tough task. Adapting an alien story and modifying it to suit the local audience the script is intended to target invariably reveal the talent of the writer director of a film.
The director of ‘Inidhu Inidhu’ has done a fabulous job. Though the film is a remake of Telugu ‘Happy Days’, the people who ever has seen the film say the script of the film looks like it is written for a straight Tamil film.

How director Guhan did manage it? He says a good six months were taken to adapt the script to suit Tamil culture and another three months were taken to get he details right. From costumes, hairstyle, to color, mood to sets, designs and Locations were fine tuned with care. “

He further said “Another thing was the determination to use only fresh faces to make the script credible. Extensive research was done for three months to audition the new faces. More than 200 people were auditioned and ten were selected finally. “

‘Inidhu Inidhu’ is releasing on this August 20.

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