Abhiyum Naanum

What when a director, who knows the art of narrating human emotions in a gripping manner, a skilled actor, who can do any role with ease and a talented actress, who combines performance and great looks, come together?  A quality entertainer.

Director Radha Mohan, actor Prakashraj and actress Trisha have teamed up to come out with Abhiyum Nanum, which is sure to move every heart as it narrates the tale of a caring father and his beloved daughter.  Radha Mohan chronicles the journey of a father, who showers boundless love on his daughter. The bondage between a father and his daughter, always considered very special, has been captured well by Radha Mohan. All credit to the director for providing a movie which is a whiff of air amidst clichéd run-of-the-mill stuff, specially at a time when a female child is still considered a burden in many families in rural parts of our country.

Movies on family values have become a rarity and such themes have been left for the mega-serial directors to handle. But Radha Mohan seems to have taken it a challenge and delivers a movie, which is entertaining, engrossing and makes us sit up and watch in the theatre. The emotions and the joy a man undergoes when he gets a daughter has been brought out well by the director through Raghu Raman played by Prakash Raj.

Unlike films that speak on father-son bondage in the recent times, the USP of Abhiyum Nanum is the manner in which it is narrated. Radha Mohan and his team, quite like Mozhi, has dealt a serious topic in a hilarious way, thereby reaching out immediately to the viewer. He has consciously avoided the drama elements and the artistes underplay their roles to deliver their best.

Due credit should be given to Duet Movies. Their passion for rendering quality entertainers is evident in Abhiyum Naanum.

From Azhagiya Theeyae till Abhiyum Naanum, the production house has rendered nothing but movies with quality content.

Raghuraman (Prakashraj) comes across a youth (Prithviraj) at a park in Ooty and gets acquainted immediately. He soon starts narrating his past – the pages from his life especially when his wife Anu (Aishwarya) gave birth to a baby girl.

With boundless love and affection, his life is filled with fresh joy; his day starts and ends with his young daughter Abhi. He takes care of everything and ensures Abhi leads a happy life devoid of any worries. As days go by, the girl grows up. Now Abhi (Trisha) decides to pursue higher studies in Delhi. Fear of leaving his daughter for a couple of years, forces the doting father to oppose her plans. Eventually, she persuades him to accept her plans. She emerges out of her father’s shadows and slowly starts to think on her own.

Abhi returns from New Delhi only to give her father a great shock. She informs her affair with Joginder Singh alias Jogi (Ganesh Venkataram), an independent journalist and a renowned economist. There begins a series of unfortunate events. The daughter again persuades her father to accept for her wedding.

Adding more confusion is when Jogi along with his family members arrive for the wedding. The dad starts to distance himself from his daughter, while she starts a fresh life with Jogi. Radha Mohan’s climax carries a riveting message for every man, who sees relationships in life as a burden and feels life is so miserable to lead in this world.

Hats off to Prakashraj for he has lived as a dad all through the movie. His face speaks thousand words – be it joy on seeing his new –born, the zeal to be prepared for his daughter’s admission in pre-kg, the joy at her passing out in flying colors or the confusions over her wedding. As a loving father and a caring husband, Prakashraj is right there delivering one of his best. Aishwarya’s contribution is commendable. She reflects mothers who are seen in every middle-class families. She showers all her love over her daughter. Her spontaneous emotions and dialogue delivery renders grace to the character.

Debutant Ganesh Venkataram has lived the role of a Punjabi economist in the movie. With colorful turban and beard, he looks a typical Punjabi. The comical sequence involving Jogi and his family members reminds movies like ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’ and ‘Hum Aapke Hain Koun’. Especially, the two young Punjabi kids playing tricks on Prakashraj evokes laughter. Prithviraj plays a cameo while Thalaivasal Vijay does a neat job.

But the real scene-stealer is Abhi (Trisha). Rarely does an actress get a meaty role to do in a Tamil movie, which has tuned them into mere glam-dolls. The ravishing Trisha has proved that she is equally good in acting too. Her expressions stand out tall. Sharing screen space with Prakashraj, she has equally matched up his performance. Vidyasagar’s music is good. A couple of numbers influenced by Punjabi music is foot-tapping.

Though the story unfolds in a slow pace towards the climax and there are few scenes which reminds one of watching a soap show, Abhiyum Nanum stands out for it is a quality entertainer which can be watched by the whole family.

Banner:    Duet Movies
Cast:    Trisha, Aishwarya, Prakash Raj
Direction:    Radhamohan
Production:    Prakash Raj
Music:    Vidhyasagar

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