Avakai Biryani

Anish Kuruvilla, an associate of Shekhar Kammula who reaped acclaims by sowing delicates seeds of emotion on screen made this movie ‘Aavakai Biryani’. Debuting Kamal Kamaraju and Bindhu Madhavi as the lead pair, the first time director has delivered a movie set in the rustic milieu. It is produced together by Shekhar Kammula and Chandrasekhar on Amigo Creations banner. The movie has been released today on 14th November. We bring you a review here on the same.


Akbar (Kamal Kamaraju) is an orphan who resides in Devarakonda village near to Hyderabad City. Driving a 7-seater auto is his livelihood. Completing a graduation in B.Com, is his foremost ambition for which he strives to attain. Purushotham with a family of 3-children, the eldest being Lakshmi (Bindu Madhavi), arrives at Devarakonda from Polavaram. In a spur of the moment, Akbar and Lakshmi gets acquainted, and slowly their relationship blossoms into love.

On a fateful day, news arrives that CM is planning to visit the village pf Devarakonda. The owner of Akbar’s auto, Masterji (Rao Ramesh) who is the Surpanch of the village beseeches everyone in the village to voluntarily clean the surroundings of the village. The people follow his words obediently and gets into the job. Next day, the chief minister arrives and during a meeting with the people, Akbar brings various problems suffered by the local people to the leader’s notice. Masterji gets completely discontent with his attitude, asks Akbar to leave the village, on the pretext that he spoiled the prestige of village in front of Chief Minister.

What were the consequences? Did the ardent antagonist against Muslims, Purushotham agreed for Akbar-Lakshmi’s marriage? What did Lakshmi do after such a grave incident, who was selling pickles initially? Did Akbar fulfill his ambition of completing graduation? Watch ‘Aavakai Biryani’ to know the answers.


Widely recognized as red-shirt Ravinder from ‘Godavari’, Kamal Kamaraju did well as Akbar in this film. His action is very natural and delivers the emotions of a village boy. Bindu Madhavi who played the character of Lakshmi makes the viewers forgot that she’s a debutante and woos the audience. A tad tweak in her acting skills might bring loads of offers at her residence.

Rao Ramesh, who has already proved his mettle with ‘Gamyam’ as a descendant to Rao Gopala Rao in acting, did full justice to his role as Masterji. However, if a little more care has been rendered for costumes the character might have got a good elevation.

Kameswara Rao as heroine’s father, Durgesh and Varun Jonnada as heroes’ friends, Praneeth as a assistant to RaoRamesh, did a good job of playing their parts on screen.

Director’s Portrayal

Choosing a story close to the nativity of a village that is similar to Malgudi Days, with sensitive emotions, the director added a love story to it. However he has failed completely in presenting the subject with a fresh look. Keeping aside the story, even the dialogues did not show maturity in expression. Some of them seemed like uttered by small children. Better luck next time Anish.

Anish’s choice was a story related close to the rustic nativity of a village which resembles the Malgudi days. Filled with sensitive emotions, the movie has love as its temporal basement. The lacking area is on the director’s failure to present the out-dated story kind of movie in a fresh appeal. It’s not just the story that is out of the box, but also dialogues which are not so matured and doesn’t express well. At times, it is so childish that checks our patience level. Verdict for the maker is, ‘better luck next time Anish’.


Irrespective of the hero, the real heroes of the script are behind-the-scenes technicians Shyam Dutt, Manikant Khadri and Vanamali. Cinematography has been done so lavish and beautiful. Every frame has the right requirement of lighting and his expertise in handling the camera is sprinkled all along the movie. An appreciation to his camera work is a well deserved one for he succeeds with his slick skills.

Coming close to being the best is music director Manikant Khadri, who has composed some good tunes for the movie. His re-recording stands high in quality that is parallel to this mass entertainer. Music happens to be an important part that takes the movie to a better level.

Third in the line is lyric writer Vanamali. The songs have all been meaning fully penned and the words support the melody in the music. At some instances when the viewer feels bored, the songs have helped in cementing the pits. Editing by Praveen Boina is worthy.


Most of us are acquainted with RK Narayan’s Malgudi Days, these stories reflect nativity to the utmost perfection. Taking a similar line of story, director Anish has attempted to make the film ‘Aavakai Biryani’. However, the platter has not been planned well and the stale look of presentation fails to attract the spectators.

Aavakai is best served with freshly cooked rice or still better with curd rice. The attempt to present it with Biryani, two disparate ends of taste fails to attract audience. If Anish serves his next with the right combination, then it could be go places. But for ‘Aavakai Biryani’, it’s just not hot enough.

Banner:    Amigos Creations Pvt. Ltd.
Cast:    Kamal Kamaraju, Bindu Madhavi, Rao Ramesh, Kameshwara Rao,
Praneeth Sanshray, Durgesh, Vrun Jonnada
Direction:    Anish Kuruvilla
Production:    Sekhar Kammula, Chandrasekhar Kammula
Music:    Manikanth Kadri

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