Acting in smoking scenes: Mahesh’s take

Mahesh used to smoke before he read ‘Easy Ways To Quit Smoking’. The book brought reform in him and he was never to puff a cigar.

“I have stopped doing smoking scenes in my films. I don’t subscribe to the argument that it is okay to act in a smoking scene if the script so demanded”, the actor has been quoted as saying by a Telugu daily.

In his interview to the daily, he said that it will be good if top heroes restrain themselves from acting in such scenes. His contention is that fans will be easily influenced by their favourite actor’s on-screen behaviour.

Mahesh indeed makes a point. It is not unusual to see those advocating against depiction of smoking scenes on screen say that top stars become the harbingers of harmful fads in youngsters.

Prince’s off-screen behaviour has been marked by a sense of discipline and decorum, which has won for him many fans. In his latest film, however, his character glorifies Mafia takeover of the country and advocates Mafia-ism as the elixir of crime; but that’s a different matter altogether.

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