Raccha audio on Feb. 20

The release date of Raccha’s audio is scheduled to be Feb. 20. Ram Charan’s much-awaited movie has music by Mani Sharma. Already the leaked title song on Internet is doing well and getting instantly popular among the music buffs. It might be that the song was not leaked accidentally but deliberately, opine some.

That Raccha has a lot of craze going for it is obvious. Though Cherry’s last film, Orange, did not do quite well, this film is eagerly awaited. The story is said to be novel, while the film itself has been shot in various countries, including China. The director, Sampath Nandi, was keen to shoot the action sequences in never-before-seen locations.

Even the budget is said to be high. The producer is said to be planning to release the audio in a memorable way. Raccha’s audio might be released with much fanfare outside Hyderabad, and the makers are organise it in a mammoth way, say, in a big ground.

The film is scheduled to be released in the last week of March.

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