Actresses who produce films for their relative sake

Right from olden days heroines have shown interest in producing films. But very few have been successful. Most of them have met failures. In spite of this some actresses are keen in producing films. The reason for this is to make their relatives to succeed in cinema. Jayachitra is now producing and directing a film titled Naane Ennul Illai which has her son Ambareesh in the lead role. Simran who is going to settle down in Chennai is planning to produce a film which will have her husband Deepak in the lead role. Devayani is also producing a film titled Thirumathi Tamizh which has her husband Rajakumaran in the lead role. Navya Nair who has settled in Mumbai after her marriage is producing a few Malayalam movies. She will also be giving her husband an important portfolio. Sangeetha is also trying to make her husband Krish as the hero. But she was not successful. So Sangeetha is planning to produce a film.

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