Language: TELUGU
Director: A. Sandhyan
Producer: Nandamuri Benarjee
Cast: Siva Balaji,Nikhita, Madhu Shalini,Kadambari Kirankumar, Babloo,Ashish Vidyarthi, Sharathbabu
Music: TVS Raju


When a trend starts, it continues for some period. Telugu film industry is no exception to it. Especially, after the release of blockbuster like ‘Gajini’ the directors and story writers are trying to prepare subjects on some disease or the other.
The hero of the latest flick directed by Anil Kishore is a psycho. The director tried to show some novelty by molding the hero as an anti-hero by the time of climax. But for sure, he failed in maintaining the tempo in the subject.
Anil (Sivabalaji) is a film director who used to shoot some albums. His sister falls sick and takes treatment in a hospital but continues to be in a state of shock.
As per the doctor’s (Saratbabu) advice, Anil decides to bring out his next album on ‘fear’. A girl called Chitra (Madhushalini) meets him with the help of Anil’s assistant director.
The unit goes to a dilapidated bungalow and during the night, the assistant director gets killed. The unit members tell ACP Chatterjee (Asish Vidyarthi) who comes for investigation that a ghost killed him.
Accidentally he finds the ghost, which leads him to a skeleton, where he finds a locket containing Anil’s photograph. In order to find the details, he meets Sivaswamy (Ramireddy), who brings the ghost to their forefront.
Chatterjee comes to know that the ghost is none other than Anil’s love Bhanumati (Nikhita), who gets killed by Anil. As the investigation goes on, Chatterjee comes to know that Anil’s sister is in a hospital. The investigation further takes a twist when he comes to know that Anil planned to kill his sister. Then Chatterjee suspects that Anil’s next target is Chitra and by the time he reaches there, Chitra also gets killed.
Then the ACP alerts the doctor that Anil sister’s life is in peril. Somehow, the ACP saves her life and reveals all the follies of Anil and that he is suffering from a psychiatric disease.img184/285/aganthakudu08061ed8.jpg
Finally, the audiences come to know that Anil cannot bear deceit by anyone, whether it is his blood relation or love or a friend. He believes that Bhanu cheated him as he finds her in a compromising position with someone and kills her. But in fact, it is not Bhanu, but her friend Ramya.
In the same way, he wanted to kill his sister as he suspects that she was doing prostitution, when he finds condoms in her handbag. But the fact is that she saved some prostitute and mistakenly takes that girl’s bag instead of hers. The story ends with the hero realizing his follies.

The director left the audiences confused and they grope in the dark as to what was happening. At the same time, they could easily predict what would happen in certain scenes.
The subject gained some grip before the interval bang. Soon the director lost the grip and regained only some 20 minutes before the climax. The plus points in the film is the performance of Sivabalaji before the climax.
Asish Vidyarthi is good as a tough investigating cop. Madhushalini and Nikhita filled the glamour slot. Comedy by Ali, Krishnabhagawan and Babloo is okay. Songs are so so, but the background score is not bad.
But for the climax the entire film is boring. A film that can be conveniently ignored.

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