Maa Iddari Madhya


Language: TELUGU
Director: M Ramesh
Producer: V Shyam Prasad
Cast: Bharat, Vidisha,Brahmanandam, Rajya Lakshmi, LB Sriram, MS Narayana, Telangana Shakuntala
Music: R P Patnaik


SP Entertainments produced several films with Venu Tottempudi as hero. The production unit had deviated its path and produced ’10th Class’ with Bharat as hero recently. After that, the unit made another film ‘Maa Iddari Madhyalo’ with the same hero introducing a new heroine called Videesha. Ramesh Maddineni also made his debut as director through this film. The director tried to present this love story in a different way, but it did not impress the audience.

Charan alias Cherry (Bharat) is a too good boy. Though he grows up, he feels shy to talk to the girls and be friend with them, but he is so inclined to do it. Though he is studying engineering, he is poor in studies also. Accidentally, he meets a girl Sivani (Videesha) in the MMTS station, who was in an inebriated condition. He saves her and takes her to a hotel room just out of fear from police. The incident repeats once again. Like this, he befriends with her. Though she is junior to him, Sivani used to command him. At first, Cherry dislikes her, but slowly gets attracted towards her, despite she commands him. However, he is unable to understand whether he is really in love with her or behaving friendly with her.

One fine day, Sivani introduces a person called Sridhar to Cherry saying that she is her would-be hubby. Then the struggle starts in Cherry’s mind what is there in between him and Sivani. (The title justification ‘Maa Iddari Madhyalo’ was made through this episode). Sivani also gets a similar feeling and asks Cherry to pen down what is his opinion on her, saying she too would do the same. The next day when they meet, Sivani tells him to keep both the letters in a tiffin box and put it in the underground. She puts a condition to return after one year and let them decide whether they continue to be in the same feelings that was written in the letter. They both get separated.

Cherry concentrates on his studies and completes his engineering and makes his parents happy. He returns on the particular day and waits for Sivani, but she did not turn up. Then Cherry opens the tiffin box kept in the underground. Heimg460/2203/maapg4.jpg gets a surprise of his life saying that Sivani was already in love with someone, who died unexpectedly. Unable to forget him, Sivani gets habituated to drinking. As she was not able to forget him, she befriended with Cherry. She says in the letter that if she happens to forget his lover and still gets attracted to him, she will return to the place after one year.

With her not returning to the place, Cherry believes that she is still not able to forget her lover. After another year, Sivani returns to the place only to come to know from the owner of that piece of land (Narra Venkateswara Rao) that Cherry used to come to the place every day. She also gets shocking news that Cherry stopped coming to the place for three months. Sivani searches for him. With utter disappointment, she was about to return to England with her aunt. However, surprisingly, Cherry comes with his parents to meet Sivani’s aunt (Sudha) with whom Sivani was about to go to England. The film ends on a happy note with the union of Sivani and Cherry.

Though it happens to be a love story, both Bharat and Videesha fail to leave any impression in audience’s minds with their performance. Bharat still have to improve his body language and in histrionics. Comedy is almost missing in the film and the director tried to make the audiences in good humor through artistes like Telangana Sakuntala, Brahmanandam, LB Sriram, MS Narayana and Krishna Bhagawan. However, he could not make use of their talents in any way. The satire by Krishna Bhagawan on film journalists is ridiculous (as if the film journalists always collect covers to cover the film news from the production units), which should have been avoided. RP Patnaik who gave music for the film after a long gap, to attract the audience with his tunes as only a couple of them were melodious. More over the movement of the subject is at very slow pace. The audience was seen waiting very impatiently for the end of the film.

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