Ajith in Chandramuki-Part 2

It is well known that Rajini is one of the closest well wishers of Ajith. Even Ajith is very faithful to Rajini and takes his advice for all major decisions of his life. Now we hear that Thala has agreed to do a film on the advice of Super Star.

And the movie is also no less in reputation. Director Vasu had directed a Kannada movie ‘Aaptharakshaka’ which went on to become the biggest ever hit in Kannada cinema. ‘Aaptharakshaka’was a sequel to ‘Apthamithra’ which was later remade in Tamil as Chandramukhi starring Super Star Rajnikanth.

P. Vasu was planning to remake the sequel film also in Tamil and looking for Rajnikanth to do it as well. Even the super star liked the movie after a special screening and news were abuzz saying Rajini has agreed to do the film. But it was some time ago and the Super Star got busy with Endhiran.

Now after a while the remake buzz is again afloat but with a twist. The news this time is that the Super Star has suggested Ajith to take up the film. Apparently Rajini has told Ajith that the film will fetch him a good name.

Ajith was expected to take up ‘Billa-2’after ‘Mangatha’ but as things stand now he is likely to take up the P. Vasu film. We will keep you posted as and when things develop.

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