Akshay skip Dubai promo tour

Akshay Kumar’s chronic back problem which immobilized him on Tuesday has a strange and bizarre connection with Farah Khan.

Farah, who’s just directed Akshay in Tees Maar Khan, earlier directed Shahrukh Khan, who also suffered from a chronic back problem that has put him out of action more than once. And Farah, to carry the queer coincidence forward, is often called the true inheritor of Manmohan Desai’s legacy. Desai, it must be remembered, suffered from an acute back problem.

Akshay Kumar’s scheduled 25-day promotional tour for his next film Tees Maar Khan came to a grinding halt on Tuesday when his chronic back problem suddenly resurfaced.

While wife Twinkle rushed Akshay to the doctors on Tuesday afternoon, Akshay’s co-star Katrina had to leave for the Dubai lap of the film’s promotion all alone.

Apparently, Akshay was insistent that he join Katrina for her trip to Dubai. But Twinkle put her husband under house arrest, as this was not an isolated back pain. Akshay first suffered a back problem while doing a stunt sequence in Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi in 1996 which confined him to bed rest for almost three months. Again last year, while shooting for Sajid Khan’s Housefull, Akshay’s back trouble recurred. He was advised surgery. But Akshay opted for water therapy. It took him to Germany and he came back apparently fully cured.

Says a source close to Akshay, “It was the rigorous travel by plane and cars for the promotion of his new film that caused Akshay’s back problem again.”

While the whirlwind tour of Dubai had to be cancelled (Katrina had to brave Dubai’s excited crowds all alone) Akshay insisted he would leave for the London lap of his promotional tours on Tuesday night.

Twinkle confirmed on Tuesday evening that Akshay is better.

“He will be OK. He will leave tonight for London to promote Tees Maar Khan,” said Twinkle.

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