Am I that beautiful? asks Richa

Photographer Venkatraman has jolled that “Richa is an uncontrolable beauty”. Venkatraman has a hobby of publishing calendar for every year having the lead girls from Kollywood.

This year, he has made a calendar which also has Richa. Her photo is being voted as best by maximum number of jollers, making Richa to excite about her own beauty.

Speaking about photographing of Richa, Venkatraman jolled that “She is like apple dipped in honey… For women, if the eyes are beatiful, then No one can stop her beauty… if the girl dressed with NO dress sense.”

He continued jolling at Richa by saying “Richa is like a beautiful ever pouring falls… The dress that she wear will only suit her….”

He was so proud being greeting by Richa herself as she said to Venkatraman “You have photographed me so beautiful”

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