Appu Pappu This Week

The maker of ‘Masth Maja Madi’ super hit film, Soundaraya Jagadish has finally announced the date as 17th September, as release for Appu Pappu. The movie is releasing in 30 plus theatres all over Karnataka.
An Orangutan from Cambodia, Master Snehith, producer Soundaraya Jagadish’s son are the key members of the cast of this film, shot in Cambodia for 35 days. Abbas, Rekha, Komalkumar, Rangayana Raghu, Raju Thalikote, Madhuri, Mr India siblings Ravi and Harish are also part of this film. S Krishna of Mungaru Male fame, the state award winning cameraman, has stood behind the camera and one of the top music directors of Karnataka, Hamsalekha has scored the music and lyrics for this film which is another highlight.

How the child with the help of an Orangutan reunites the parents is the crux of this film, says producer says Soundaraya Jagadish on his cherished project Appu Pappu.

Master Snehith, the cynosure of everyone addressing the media thanked those who have made his work easy. He has made things clear to his friends in the school that his Orangutan in the movie is real.

Actor in the humor department, Raju Thalikote remembered the struggle during the shooting. “The orangutan has perfect time sense that is not there in human beings”, he informed.

Director Ananthnaraju said, it is difficult to make a film with a big actor and in this case, a film with an Orangutan was a big challenge. We were like Kothis with Orangutan in Cambodia, he mentioned.

Ravi and Harish, the two Mr India’s in this film have taken the main bashes from the Orangutan than all in the film. My younger brother Harish has got more hits, said Ravi. Let this film ‘Appu Pappu’ become a milestone said Ravi.

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