Cast: Dhyan, Shuba, Antara Biswas, Sunil Rao, Daisy Bopanna, Sudeep
Direction: Niranjan
Production: Anekal Balraj



After seeing the film and coming back from the theatre, you will be left wondering why our so called experienced film makers turn out such innocuous and insipid films like ”Jackpot”.

The film’s title has no connection to any sequence or the story of the film and the whole film looks haphazard and extremely vulnerable from scene one. Though the film has number of regular artists doing important roles and equal number of guest artists who have some stature in the industry, there is not a single performance that comes to your mind which deserves some mention.

While a successful artist like Dhyan who has proved his capabilities in films like ”Amruthadhaare’ and ”Monalisa’ has been completely wasted, you see popular actors like Sudeep, Daisy Bopanna, and Sunil have been picked for dance sequences of the film.

The film which was publicized as a fun film without any logic comes down as a wasted effort with neither the artists norimg413/3444/jackpot1707071uq4.jpg technicians showing a semblance of effort to make an impact. The film drags on and on testing your patience.

Everything goes wrong in this film starting from its mediocre screenplay to a shoddy treatment. . There is not a single point which can be spoken about the film or one particular sequence which can be remembered for its decent narration. The sequences fail to evoke any interest in the audience. It fails even as a fun film as you may have to make lot of efforts to laugh.

The story is devoid of any logic. Prem and Ramesh are friends who are in love with Preethi. But Preethi who is closer to both of them does not reveal her mind. Ramesh is jealous of Prem and hatches a plan with the support of a Tantric-practitioner.

The Tantric-practitioner will make Prem a girl through his magical powers. Prem will become a girl and he comes to know that he has to remain virgin for six months after which he can get back his original roots again with the efforts of the Tantric-practitioner. Prem turns into a glamorous film actress and is picked up by the same film director who had shunned him as an actor. She becomes a top star and meets Ramesh and other friends during a shoot. Ramesh realizes his mistake after Preethi reveals that she was in deep love with Prem. Then Ramesh gets the help of the same Tantric-practitioner to initiate the change for Prem. Finally Prem and Preethi are united.

img120/2701/lady1mo0.jpgThere are many sequences which could have been made hilarious but the director’s handling of the whole subject leaves much to be desired. Dialogue writer and Script writer Praveen Nayak has also done a shoddy work nothing can be told about the music composition of the film which has been handled by three music directors. If at all there is one saving grace of the film, it can be attributed to the photographical work of Doss behind the camera. Two songs of the film are well choreographed.

”Jackpot” is a film which needs to be ignored. It is totally a disappointing and a weak film.

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