AR Rahman’s ‘Changing Seasons’ – A Revival

Mesmerising tune blended with heart wrenching lyric… That’s what AR. Rahman’s ‘Changing Seasons’ is all about. If you are wondering what it is, then let us put it in simpler way – it’s the song which was used in ‘Raavanan’ during the end titles, after Veera (Vikram) is shot and he falls off from the cliff.

The song “Naan varuven… meendum varuven”, in which the Music Mozart had literally put his heart and soul, sadly didn’t feature in the movie and people seldom remember it at as it was played when the end titles were rolling. Besides, the track wasn’t included in the film’s music album.

With a view to bring this beautiful track to people’s notice, Y M Movies along with Prinz Productions and Ganashankar Balachandran has come up with this music video, titled ‘Changing Seasons’ – featuring AR Rahman and glimpses of Aishwarya Rai’s scenes from ‘Raavanan’. The video, which has both Hindi and Tamil versions, is directed by John Warner and edited by Abdul Quadir along with Warner.

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