Arjun Wanted!

The action King of Tamil films, Arjun who is originally from Kannada cinema is required for the Physical Education Trainer role – what his father Shakthi Prasad was, before coming to cinema. ‘Dangura’ by Manju Maskalmatti is in need of action king of Tamil films Arjun. Manju Maskalmatti wants the call sheet of Arjun who has promised to look in to it after finishing current Hindi film assignment.

Arjun will play the role of PT Master in the film ‘Dangura’ a children film. Young kids have been picked from various parts of Karnataka.

Meanwhile the action king Arjun is busy in ‘Vande Mataram’ in which he is seen with Mammootty. He is taking ‘Maasi’ in which he plays police officer. Next is ‘Vallakottai’ by director A Venkatesh. In Major Ravi’s film ‘Mein Kaan’ Arjun is playing the major role.

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