“Arrivaal, Chuttika Nakshatram”

First it was the triumphant ‘Big B’, and then ‘Saagar Alias Jacky’ and ‘Anwar’….Director Amal Neerad, who has already built a young fans group for himself, with his differently styled movies, has been in the lookout for a different but effective name for his new movie. Now the director seems to have finalised his title of the fourth movie, featuring Megastar Mammootty and Prithviraj as ‘Arrivaal, Chuttika Nakshtram’.(‘Hammer, Sickle and star’, the election symbol of   CPI(M), the biggest political party of the state)

While hearing this title, many of the fellow students of Maharajahs college will remember the political leniency of the director Amal and writer Shankar Ramakrishnan in their college days. But don’t expect the new movie to a political flick. Infact ‘Arrivaal, Chuttika Nakshatram’ will be a thriller with subtle political back grounding of the forties and fifties, when the country was passing through the independence days. Naturally the movie will have references about the party spirits and revolts that marked the season.

‘Arrivaal, chuttika nakshatram’ will also feature another big artist from the south as the heroine. The writer of the movie Shankar Ramakrishnan, who devised a stunner with ‘Urumi’ is said to have almost completed the scripts. The makers of the movie are now fixing the final cast and crew of the movie, expected  to start its shoot by the end of November.

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