Asin – “It is cool working with Salman”

For her upcoming Hindi film ‘Ready’, Asin has pretty much found herself in a position where she is one of the few trusted co-stars that Salman Khan boasts of. This is not the first time though that Salman has been ever so caring about a co-star of his. Even earlier, whenever Salman has caught fancy of his co-star and extended a friendly hand, he has gone all out to ensure that everything about him or her is taken care of.

“That’s right. Asin has become further fond of Salman in last one year,” a senior unit member from ‘Ready’ confirms, “Since after ‘London Dreams’ they are working together in ‘Ready’ again, they are spending a lot of quality time together. This has resulted in a very good bond between the two.”

Another reason behind this good bonding is the fact that Asin too found a comfortable co-star in Salman.

“Whether it was Aamir in ‘Ghajini’ or Salman in ‘London Dreams’ and now ‘Ready’, I didn’t have to make any changes to adapt to their working style,” says Asin, “They made me feel really comfortable. I was free to do things the way I wanted to do because Aamir is very chilled out and he goes about his own job without interfering. Same is true with Salman. He doesn’t come to you and tell you how you should be approaching your character. This is why it is so cool working with him.”

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