Asin walks out while Trisha walks in

It’s a known fact that there is stiff competition between Trisha and Asin as for as film industry is concerned. Well now looks like that competition extended to commercial add films too. From ages Asin is the brand ambassador of several brands like Miranda, TATA Sky. Similarly she is famous for her Fairever advertisements too. Infact Asin and Fairever go a long way because of her great and strong relationship with CavinKare and its products.

Well now the scenario has changed. She has been replaced by Trisha in the Fairever ads. Asin being a brand ambassador, Fairever is one of the most successful fairness cream in India, where fair skin is an obsession. So it’s a real surprise for every one paving path for a question, why this replacement took place. Well the brand manager was contacted to know about the facts. Unfortunately Trisha coming to shoot for the Fairever ad campaign is a real surprise for him too as he does not know what went wrong. Well lets hope that Trisha also shines as much as Asin did and will not lead to any kind of professional misunderstands between them.

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