Bala’s next film

Director Bala who has always takes a long time to shoot films has surprisingly finished Avan Ivan in just a year and the post-production works are happening. Now that he has completed this film, the industry is abuzz with news that Bala’s next film has been titled as Agangaaran. Bala is planning to cast a new face as hero in the film and is scouting for a popular and performance-oriented heroine who has already acted in a few films. Apart from this, there is no other news about his next film and it is touted that Bala will officially announce about this once Avan Ivan releases in May.

We also got a bit of news about Avan Ivan – Bala has named Arya’s character as Kumbuduren Saamy and Vishal’s character as Walter Vanangamudi in the film. Also been in news for long is the fact that Avan Ivan, contrary to Bala’s previous films which had hard hitting content, will be an out-and-out comedy. Sounds interesting?

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