Bezawada is cheap says Nagarjuna

Nagarjuna should have agreed to give his son Naga Chaitanya’s dates to Ram Gopal Varma as he feels that he is indebted to the latter for Shiva. He might have believed that the director has still some juice left in him to pull off a hit with Chaitanya.

But Nagarjuna repents his decision for accepting RGV’s proposal for Bejawada. The actor is terribly disappointed with the film turning out to be a disaster. He is not unhappy that the film is flop, but he feels cheated because the film looks cheap and right out of the trash can.

The quality of Bejawada was criticized by one and all. The film was made on a cheap budget and the standards were as good as crime episodes made for TV. Nag didn’t expect such a cheap product with Ram Gopal Varma being one of the producers. However he says that Dhada and Bejawada experiences have taught Chaitanya few lessons and this should be helpful for him in future while taking up new projects.

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