Bhagyaraj shares screen with Jayaram

Shweta-Menon-Bhagyaraj-JayaramTwo Tamil actors with good sense of humor, Bhagyaraj and Jayaram are set to share the screen space together for the first time. This upcoming Tamil movie is a political satire titled Thunai Mudhalvar.

Director Vivekanandan is wielding the megaphone for Thunai Mudhalvar that has kick started shooting recently. Malayalam actress Swetha Menon and Meenakshi are playing key roles in Thunai Mudhalvar.

Bhagyaraj and Jayaram play good Samaritans in Thunai Mudhalvar, which is written by the Writer cum actor cum composer and director Bhagyaraj. Thunai Mudhalvar is being filmed in a village backdrop that sees one of the lead actors becoming a Deputy Chief Minister.

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