Bhoomika Chawla to file for divorce

Bhoomika Chawla’s marriage is on the rocks. Her high profile husband and Yoga guru Bharat Thakur is believed to be seeing someone and on learning this, Bhoomika filed for divorce. Though she is yet to go on record on this issue, Filmnagar sources confirm the news.

Bhoomika has been seen in Mumbai party circles alone and is very upset about Bharat’s affair with another woman. Bharat had used Bhumika’s money to set up a film magazine Mayanagar which was shut down in a few days. Besides their movie ‘Thakita Thakita’ also bombed badly leaving crores of rupees loss.

Then Bharat tried to set up Yoga schools in Dubai and allegedly swindled off a lot of her money and even had an affair with high profile socialite. Though Bharat tried to convince Bhoomika’s parents that they are just rumours, she is believed to be pissed off with him and is filing for divorce.

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