Bipasha Basu almost smooched by aunty

Not just men, even women can’t seem to keep their hands off Bipasha Basu who has been drooled over, stalked and even harassed by her many fans.
An interesting incident happened recently. Bipasha was flying to Bangalore to be at the wedding anniversary of her parents. Upon arriving in the city, Bipasha was cornered by an aunty who all but smooched the actress.

“Funniest thing happened at BLR airport entrance! One aunty pulled me down almost pinned me to smooch me! Somehow I was saved! Near escape!” Bipasha tweeted about the incident.

Funnily, this is not the first time Bipasha was harassed by a female fan. A similar incident happened in Sri Lanka.

“Sri Lanka for IIFA I was saying hello 2 ppl outside d hotel, 1 girl pulled my hand n bit my finger hard! But today’s aunty shocked me more!” Bipasha wrote.

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