Bombay To Goa


Cast: Sunil Pal,Raju Shrivastava,Ehsaan Qureshi,Tinu Anand,Vijay Raaz,Naveen Prabhakar,Rauf Lala,Asrani,Jagdeep,Paintal
Direction: Raj Pendurkar
Production: Humayu Rangilla
Music: Nitin Shankar



This is one cruel joke which is passed off as a movie. All you see is the Laughter Challenge participants of the first encounter continue their act. There’s Sunil Pal, Raju Shrivastava, Ehsaan Qureshi, Rauf Lala joined by Vijay Raaz, Asrani, Jagdeep, and an assortment of other character actors. Everything is predictable the moment they begin their dialogues. While it is fun watching them on the small screen; the emotions are not the same watching them repeat their act. Not their fault; they are doing what they know best.

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View ‘BOMBAY TO GOA’ Premiere – Picture GalleryEveryone is running after a hidden treasure and the attempt to comedy is amateurish at best. Nothing really to write about. As you suffer in silence, you feel sorry for the talented comedians who have been reduced to a joke. They have the same expressions, same body language and same way of delivering their dialogues – as though they are on stage. A little imagination and a twist in their character might have saved the day. They did not have to carry on their TV act on the big screen. Overdose!!!

Vijay Raaz along with Viju Khote and Sanjay Mishra manage to rise above the mediocrity of the rest of the cast.

Don’t bother boarding this bus. Yes, and don’t bother looking for a rating as well; there’s none!

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