Cast:    Nagarjuna, Nayantra, Poonam Bajwa
Direction:    V.N.Adithya
Production:    D.Shiva Prasad Reddy
Music:    Kalyani Malik


After playing a biker in “Super” and an ardent devotee of Lord Ram in “Sri Ramadasu”, ace actor Nagarjuna returns to a conventional role in “Boss”.

He plays a good-looking boss and a lover boy. However, a few more shades to his character would have been fairer to him.

The film basically revolves around the romance between a boss and his secretary.

Gopala Krishna (GK), played by Nagarjuna, is an owner of a construction company and he shows deep affection towards his secretary Anuradha (Nayantara) who is an orphan.

Anuradha too falls for GK but puts in her resignation when he scolds her for a minor mistake at work. The duo unite in the end despite the boss hiring a new secretary (Poonam Bazwa).

Pretty Nayantara aptly fits into the role of a secretary and displays traces of acting skills in a few scenes. Poonam’s is a single-song role for all practical purposes.

Comedy bigwigs Sunil, Brahmanandam and Ali shore up the proceedings in the first part of the film. Sayaji Shinde, who plays the bad guy, dons a stereotypical role.

V.N. Aditya, who delivered hit “Nenunnanu” with Nagarjuna should have worked harder on the screenplay to make a winner out of this romantic plot. Instead, he relies too much on Nagarjuna’s established star image.

Cinematographer Siva Kumar captures some picture-perfect settings, but the music of Mallik and Anand disappoints.

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